Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Exterior/Interior Overview

Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Overview / Exterior/Interior Overview

Exterior Overview

Exterior Overview

  1. Exterior lights
  2. Autopilot camera
  3. Front door handle
  4. Key card sensor, Autopilot camera
  5. Rear door handle
  6. Charge port
  7. Autopilot cameras
  8. Exterior mirrors
  9. Radar sensor, if equipped (hidden from view)
  10. Hood/front trunk
  11. Front tow eye cover
  12. Wheels and tires
  13. Rear trunk
  14. Rear view camera
  15. Rear tow eye cover

Interior Overview

Interior Overview

  1. Door open button
  2. Turn signal stalk
  3. Horn
  4. Drive stalk
  5. Touchscreen
  6. Driver dome light
  7. Cabin camera
  8. Hazard warning flashers
  9. Passenger dome light
  10. Climate control vent
  11. Power window switches
  12. Manual door release
  13. Left scroll button
  14. Brake pedal
  15. Accelerator pedal
  16. Right scroll button
  17. Center console
  18. Glovebox


     Touchscreen Overview

    WARNING: Always pay attention to road and traffic conditions when driving. To minimize driver distraction and ensure the safety of vehicle occupants as well as other road users, avoid using the touc

     Opening and Closing




    Clean the touchscreen and instrument panel using a soft lint-free cloth specifically designed to clean monitors and displays. Do not use cleaners (such as a glass cleaner) or alcohol-based gel products (such as hand sanitizer) and do not use a wet wipe or a dry statically- charged cloth (such as

     Adjusting Front Seats

    Move seat forward/backward and adjust the seat's height and tilt angle up/down. Adjust backrest. Adjust lumbar support. WARNING: Before adjusting a front seat, check that the area around the seat is free of obstacles (people and objects). WARNING: Do not adjust seats while driving. Doin

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