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Tesla Model Y: Head Supports

The front seats include integrated head supports that you can not adjust.

The second row outboard seats include an adjustable head support that you can raise, lower, or remove. When either of these seats is occupied by a passenger that is not in a child safety seat, the corresponding head support should be adjusted (align the center of the head support with the center of the occupant's head) and locked into position. To raise a head support on a second row outboard seat, pull it upward to the desired position. To lower it, press and hold the button on the base of the outer post while pushing it downward.

Head Supports

The second row center seat, and both third row seats (if equipped), are equipped with the option to raise a head support. Initially stowed into the seat's back rest, you can access the head support by pulling it upward.

WARNING: When installing a child safety seat in a second row seating position, or in the third row (if equipped), you must lower the head support. The headrest must be raised and locked in place when sitting in the rear middle seat.

To stow the head support in the second row center seat, press and hold the button on the base of the post while pushing the head support fully downward.

Head Supports

To lower a head support in the third row, press and hold the button on the base of the post while pushing the head support fully downward.

Head Supports

WARNING: To minimize the risk of severe injury or death in the event of a collision, ensure that head supports are positioned correctly before driving.


     Removing/Installing a Head Support

    All head supports in the second and third row (if equipped) seating positions can be removed. To remove a head support: 1. Fully raise the head support by pulling it upward. 2. Press and hold the bu

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