Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Opening Doors from the Interior

Model Y doors are electrically powered. To open a door while sitting inside, press the button located at the top of the interior door handle and push the door open.

Using Exterior Door Handles

NOTE: To prevent children from opening the rear doors, turn on child locks.

To open a front door in the unlikely situation when Model Y has no power, pull up the manual door release located in front of the window switches.

Using Exterior Door Handles

NOTE: Only the front doors are equipped with a manual door release.

CAUTION: Manual door releases are designed to be used only in situations when Model Y has no power. When Model Y has power, use the button located at the top of the interior door handle.


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    Smart Summon is unlikely to operate as intended in the following types of situations: GPS data is unavailable due to poor cellular coverage. The driving path is sloped. Smart Summon is designed to operate on flat roads only (up to 10% grade). A raised concrete edge is detected. Depending on

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