Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: To Fasten a Belt

1. Ensure correct positioning of the seat (see Correct Driving Position).

2. Draw the belt out smoothly, ensuring the belt lays flat across the pelvis, chest and mid-point of your collar bone, between the neck and shoulder.

3. Insert the latch plate into the buckle and press together until you hear a click indicating it is locked in place.

To Fasten a Belt

4. Pull the belt to check that it is securely fastened.

5. Pull the diagonal part of the belt toward the reel to remove excess slack.

To Adjust the Shoulder Anchor Height

Model Y is equipped with an adjustable shoulder anchor for each front seat to ensure that the seat belt is positioned correctly. The seat belt should lay flat across the mid-point of your collar bone while in the correct driving position (see Correct Driving Position). Adjust the height of the shoulder anchor if the seat belt is not positioned correctly:

1. Press and hold the button on the shoulder anchor to release the locking mechanism.

2. While holding the button, move the shoulder anchor up or down, as necessary, to correctly position the seat belt.

To Adjust the Shoulder Anchor Height

3. Release the button on the shoulder anchor so that it locks into position.

4. Without pressing the button, pull on the seat belt webbing and attempt to move the shoulder anchor downward to check that it is locked into position.

WARNING: Ensure that the seat belt is positioned correctly and that the shoulder anchor is locked into position before driving. Riding in a moving vehicle with the seat belt positioned incorrectly or with the shoulder anchor not locked into position can reduce the effectiveness of the seat belt in a collision.

To Release a Belt

Hold the belt near the buckle to prevent the belt from retracting too quickly, then press the button on the buckle. The belt retracts automatically. Ensure there is no obstruction that prevents the belt from fully retracting. The belt should not hang loose. If a seat belt does not fully retract, contact Tesla.


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    Owner's Manual: View the onscreen Owner's Manual. A new version of the onscreen owner's manual is typically provided with every software update and therefore contains more recent information that those provided by Tesla elsewhere (for example, via the web). Car Wash Mode: Enable before using a

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