Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Indicator Lights

Indicator lights display along the top of the instrument panel to show status and alert you of specific vehicle conditions.

A brake system fault is detected or the brake fluid level is low. Contact Tesla immediately.

A brake booster fault has been detected.

An ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) fault is detected. Contact Tesla immediately.

A parking brake fault is detected. Contact Tesla.

The parking brake is manually applied.

Tire pressure warning. The pressure of a tire is out of range. If a fault with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is detected, the indicator flashes. For a TPMS fault, contact Tesla.

A seat belt for an occupied seat is not fastened.

Airbag safety. If this red indicator does not flash on briefly when Model Y prepares to drive, or if it remains on, contact Tesla immediately.

Front fog lights are on, if equipped.

Parking lights (side marker lights, tail lights, and license plate lights) are on.

Low beam headlights are on.

High beam headlights are on and Auto High Beam is disabled or currently unavailable.

Auto High Beam is enabled and high beams are on. Model Y is ready to turn off the high beams if light is detected.

Auto High Beam is enabled but high beams are not on because light is detected in front of Model Y. When light is no longer detected, high beams automatically turn back on.

This indicator flashes amber when the electronic stability control systems are actively minimizing wheel spin by controlling brake pressure and motor power. See Traction Control. If this indicator remains on, a fault is detected and you should immediately contact Tesla.

Electronic stability control systems are no longer minimizing wheel spin. On a Rear Wheel Drive vehicle, the traction control system has been turned off, or on an All-Wheel Drive vehicle, Slip Start has been enabled.

Trailer mode (if equipped) is active.

Vehicle Hold is actively applying the brakes.

A door or trunk is open.

A blue snowflake appears when some of the energy stored in the Battery may not be available due to cold weather conditions. During these cold weather conditions, charging rates may also be limited. If Model Y is plugged in, you can heat your Battery by turning on climate control with the mobile app. The snowflake snowflake snowflake disappears when the Battery is sufficiently warm.

Vehicle power is currently being limited because the energy remaining in the Battery is low, the vehicle's systems are being heated or cooled, or an error is detected by the drive inverter .


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    To operate a HomeLink device without using the touchscreen, you can automate the device to open as you approach, and close as you drive away: 1. Touch the HomeLink icon at the top of the Controls screen, then choose the device you want to automate. 2. Select the Auto-open when arriving checkbox

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