Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Autopilot

NOTE: Depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version, your vehicle may not be equipped with all Autopilot features described below.

Customize how some of the Autopilot features operate to provide a safer and more convenient driving experience. See About Autopilot for an overview of Autopilot components and features.

  • Autosteer (Beta): Turn on the feature that provides automatic steering in addition to Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (see Autosteer).
  • Navigate on Autopilot (Beta) (if equipped): Navigate on Autopilot automatically exits at off -ramps and interchanges based on your navigation route and can also make lane changes designed to prepare for exits and minimize the driving time to your destination. Touch Customize Navigate on Autopilot to specify how you want Navigate on Autopilot to operate, such as whether you want it to automatically enable at the start of every trip, how you want it to perform lane changes, etc. (see Navigate on Autopilot).

NOTE: Navigate on Autopilot is not available in all market regions.

  • Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta) (if equipped): Turn on if you want Model Y to automatically stop at traffic lights and stop signs when using Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer (see Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control).
  • Summon (Beta) (if equipped): Automatically park and retrieve Model Y from outside the vehicle (see Summon).

    Customize Summon: Determine the bumper clearance, distance, amount of side clearance, and whether Summon requires continuous press to operate (the ability to disable continuous press is not available in all market regions).

    Standby Mode: Use Standby Mode to eliminate the delay that occurs when Smart Summon (if equipped) is starting up.

  • Set Speed: When you engage Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer, choose whether you want the initial cruising speed set to the Speed Limit or your Current Speed (see Traffic-Aware Cruise Control).
  • Off set: When set to cruise at the speed limit, you can choose a Fixed off set, in which the speed is adjusted by a specific number of mph (km/h) on all roads, or a Percentage off set, in which the speed adjustment varies depending on the detected speed limit of the road.
  • Blind Spot Camera (if equipped): When ON, the touchscreen displays the view from the corresponding side repeater camera whenever you engage a turn signal to change lanes. See Blind Spot Camera and Collision Warning Chime.
  • Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime (if equipped): Choose if you want a chime to sound when a vehicle is in your blind spot and a possible collision is detected (see Blind Spot Camera and Collision Warning Chime).
  • Speed Limit Warning: Choose the type of warnings, if any, you receive if driving speed exceeds the detected speed limit (see Speed Assist).
  • Speed Limit: Choose if you want Speed Limit Warning to use a relative or an absolute speed limit (see Speed Assist). If you choose a relative speed limit, you can specify an Off set to be alerted only when you exceed the speed limit by the specified off set amount.
  • Lane Departure Avoidance: Choose if and how you want the steering wheel to respond if a front wheel passes over a lane marking when the associated turn signal is off (see Lane Assist).
  • Forward Collision Warning: Choose if and when Model Y displays visual and audible warnings in situations when there is a high risk of a frontal collision (see Collision Avoidance Assist).
  • Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance (if equipped): When enabled, Model Y attempts to prevent a potential collision with an object in an adjacent lane by steering the vehicle back into your driving lane in emergency situations (see Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance).
  • Automatic Emergency Braking: Choose if you want Model Y to automatically apply braking when a frontal collision is imminent (see Collision Avoidance Assist).
  • Obstacle-Aware Acceleration: Choose if you want acceleration to be automatically reduced in situations where Model Y is stopped (or moving slowly) and you accelerate toward a detected obstacle (see Obstacle-Aware Acceleration).
  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Chime: If on, a chime sounds when you engage or cancel Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.
  • Green Traffic Light Chime (if equipped): In Canada and U.S.: If on, a chime sounds when you are waiting at a red traffic light and the light turns green.



    Keys: You can see all the keys used for Model Y and their associated driver profiles. You can add, delete, and change the driver profile associated with each key (see Driver Profiles). Window Lock


    Appearance: Customize the display to be Dark or Light. When set to Auto, the brightness changes automatically based on ambient lighting conditions. Brightness: Drag the slider to manually contr


    Customize how the navigation system works: Navigation Volume: Increase or decrease the volume of spoken navigation instructions by touching - or +, respectively. Fully decreasing the volume mute


     Activate Transport Mode

    Transport Mode keeps the parking brake disengaged while winching Model Y onto a flatbed truck. When active, Transport Mode displays a message indicating that the vehicle will remain free-rolling. The following are required to enable Transport Mode: Low voltage power. You are unable to use the


    You can check the interior temperature and heat or cool the cabin before driving (even if it's in a garage), control the seat heaters, and defrost the windshield: Enable or disable Defrost Car by swiping up the from bottom, which helps melt snow, ice, and frost on the windshield, windows, an

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