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Tesla Model Y: To Use Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

To initiate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control when no vehicle is detected ahead of you, you must be driving at least 18 mph (30 km/h), unless certain vehicle and environmental conditions are met, in which case, you may be able to initiate it at lower speeds. If a vehicle is detected ahead of you, you can initiate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control at any speed, even when stationary, provided Model Y is at least 5 feet (150 cm) behind the detected vehicle and certain vehicle and environmental conditions are met.

NOTE: The maximum cruising speed is 90 mph (150 km/h). It is the driver's responsibility to cruise at a safe speed based on road conditions and speed limits.

When Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is available but not engaged, the instrument panel displays the cruising speed in gray. The number shown represents the cruising speed that will be set when you engage Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.

When Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is actively cruising at a set cruising speed, the cruising speed is highlighted with blue text.

1. You can choose whether Traffic-Aware Cruise Control engages at the currently detected speed limit or your current driving speed. Touch Controls > Autopilot > Set Speed and choose either Speed Limit or Current Speed. If you choose to engage Traffic-Aware Cruise Control at the currently detected speed limit, you can specify an offset. Touch Set Speed Offset . You can choose a Fixed offset, in which the cruising speed adjusts by a specific number of mph (km/h) on all roads, or a Percentage offset, in which the cruising speed is adjusted as a percentage of the road's detected speed limit.

WARNING: When cruising at the speed limit, there may be situations where the cruising speed may not change when the speed limit changes.

WARNING: Do not rely on Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Speed Assist to determine an accurate or appropriate cruising speed. It is the driver's responsibility to cruise at a safe speed based on road conditions and applicable speed limits.

2. To engage Traffic-Aware Cruise Control when it is available (the car status area of the touchscreen displays the gray cruising speed icon), move the drive stalk down once, then release the accelerator pedal to allow Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to maintain the cruising speed.

NOTE: Moving the drive stalk down twice in quick succession engages Autosteer (assuming it has been enabled), which includes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control functionality, as described in Autosteer.

3. To change your speed while using Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, you can roll the right scroll wheel on the steering wheel up or down. You can also change the cruising speed to the current speed limit (including any offset you've specified), by either long pressing the drive stalk down, or touching the speed limit sign on the touchscreen.

4. To cancel Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, push the drive stalk up once or press the brake pedal. See Canceling and Resuming for more information.

Set Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Chime

If you want a chime to sound when you engage or cancel Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, touch Controls > Autopilot > Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Chime.

NOTE: Model Y must be in Park.


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