Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Before Driving

When snow and ice accumulate on your vehicle, moving parts, such as the door handles, windows, mirrors, and wipers can freeze in place. To achieve maximum range and performance, it is helpful to warm the cabin and Battery before you leave. There are several ways to do so:

  • Touch Schedule, available on both the charging and climate control screens, to set a time when you want your vehicle to be ready to drive (see Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure).
  • On the mobile app, navigate to Climate to customize the temperature at which you want to heat the cabin. This also warms the high voltage Battery as needed.
  • On the mobile app, navigate to Climate > Defrost Car to melt snow, ice, and frost on the windshield, windows, and mirrors. This also warms the high voltage Battery as needed.

NOTE: Tesla recommends activating climate settings at least 30-45 minutes before departure (see Climate Controls). Preconditioning times depend on outside temperature and other factors. The Mobile App will notify you once your vehicle has reached the desired preconditioning temperature.

  • In extremely cold weather or icy conditions, it is possible that your charge port latch may freeze in place. In cases where you cannot remove or insert the charge cable, or the vehicle is not Supercharging due to the latch being frozen in place, use the Defrost Car setting in the mobile app. This can help thaw ice on the charge port latch so the charge cable can be removed or inserted.
  • Warming the Battery using Scheduled Departure or the mobile app before driving can also reduce charging time at a Supercharger or third party fast charger, especially if the Supercharger or third party fast charger is close enough that Trip Planner (if available in your market region) does not have sufficient time to precondition the Battery (see Warming the Battery Before Supercharging).


     Removing Ice From Door Handle

    In severe winter conditions, ice buildup within the door handle can prevent the door handle from opening. The process for freeing a Model Y door handle is slightly different than other door handles;

     Applying WD-40 to Door Handle Pivot Pins

    In severe winter conditions, applying WD-40 to door handle pivot pins can help prevent ice buildup that might immobilize the handle. Consider applying WD-40 to the door handle pivot pins if you are

     While Driving

    Cold weather can increase energy consumption because more power is required for driving, cabin and Battery heating. Follow these suggestions to reduce energy consumption: Use seat heaters to keep


     Traction Control

    How It Works The traction control system constantly monitors the speed of the front and rear wheels. If Model Y experiences a loss of traction, the system minimizes wheel spin by controlling brake pressure and motor power. By default, the traction control system is on. Under normal conditions,

     Stopping or Canceling Summon

    Stop Model Y at any time while Summon is active by using the mobile app or by pressing any button on the key fob. Summon also cancels when: A door handle is engaged or a door is opened. You interact with the steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, or shift. Model Y detects an obstacl

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