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Tesla Model Y: Cold Weather Best Practices

Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Driving / Cold Weather Best Practices


 Before Driving

When snow and ice accumulate on your vehicle, moving parts, such as the door handles, windows, mirrors, and wipers can freeze in place. To achieve maximum range and performance, it is helpful to wa

 Removing Ice From Door Handle

In severe winter conditions, ice buildup within the door handle can prevent the door handle from opening. The process for freeing a Model Y door handle is slightly different than other door handles;

 Applying WD-40 to Door Handle Pivot Pins

In severe winter conditions, applying WD-40 to door handle pivot pins can help prevent ice buildup that might immobilize the handle. Consider applying WD-40 to the door handle pivot pins if you are


 Driving Status

When Model Y is driving (or ready to drive), the touchscreen shows your current driving status and a real-time visualization of the road as detected by the Autopilot components (see About Autopilot). The visualization automatically zooms in and out to better utilize touchscreen space and inform

 Opening the Charge Port

The charge port is located on the left side of Model Y, behind a door that is part of the rear tail light assembly. Park Model Y to ensure that the charge cable easily reaches the charge port. With Model Y unlocked (or a recognized key is within range) and in Park, press and release the button

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