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Tesla Model Y: Limitations and False Warnings

Tesla Model Y (2020-2024) Owner's Manual / Driving / Park Assist / Limitations and False Warnings

The parking sensors may not function correctly in these situations:

  • One or more of the ultrasonic sensors or cameras is damaged, dirty, or obstructed (such as by mud, ice, or snow, or by a vehicle bra, excessive paint, or adhesive products such as wraps, stickers, rubber coating, etc.).
  • The object is located below approximately 8 inches (20 cm) (such as a curb or low barrier).

CAUTION: Shorter objects that are detected (such as curbs or low barriers) can move into the blind spot of the sensors. Model Y cannot alert you about an object while it is in the blind spot of the sensors.

  • Weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, or fog) are interfering with sensor operation.
  • The object is thin (such as a sign post).
  • A sensor's operating range has been exceeded.
  • The object is sound-absorbing or soft (such as powder snow).
  • The object is sloped (such as a sloped embankment).
  • Model Y has been parked in, or being driven in, extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • The sensors are affected by other electrical equipment or devices that generate ultrasonic waves.
  • You are driving in a location where the sensors' ultrasonic waves are deflected away from the vehicle (such as driving next to a wall or pillar).
  • The object is located too close to the bumper.
  • A bumper is misaligned or damaged.
  • An object that is mounted to Model Y is interfering with and/or obstructing the sensor (such as a bike rack or bumper sticker).
  • Model Y rolls freely in the opposite direction you selected (for example, Park Assist does not display an alert if Model Y rolls backwards down a hill while in Drive).

Other Parking Aids

In addition to Park Assist, when shifted into Reverse, the backup camera displays a view of the area behind Model Y (see Rear Facing Camera(s) ).


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