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Tesla Model Y: High Beam Headlights

By default, Auto High Beam is enabled to allow high beam headlights to automatically switch to low beam when there is light detected in front of Model Y (for example, from an oncoming vehicle). To control this feature, touch Controls > Lights > Auto High Beam or touch Auto on the lights popup that displays on the touchscreen when you pull the turn signal stalk toward you.

NOTE: Auto High Beam is automatically enabled when Autosteer is engaged for vehicles manufactured after approximately April 27, 2021. To switch to low beam headlights, push the turn signal stalk forward and release. Auto High Beam is re-enabled every time Autosteer is activated.

In situations where high beam headlights are off (for example, lights are turned off, or Auto High Beam is active and light is detected in front of Model Y) or you are driving in daylight, you can temporarily turn on high beams by pulling the turn signal stalk toward you. When you release, high beam headlights turn off (unless of course, Auto High Beam is engaged and light is not detected in front of you). To briefly flash the high beam headlights, pull the turn signal stalk towards you and immediately release.

High Beam Headlights

NOTE: Your chosen setting is retained until you manually change it.

The following indicator lights are visible on the touchscreen to show the status of the headlights:

Low beam headlights are on.

High beam headlights are on and Auto High Beam is disabled or currently unavailable.

Auto High Beam is enabled and high beams are on. Model Y is ready to turn off the high beams if light is detected.

Auto High Beam is enabled but high beams are not on because light is detected in front of Model Y. When light is no longer detected, high beams automatically turn back on.

WARNING: Auto High Beam is an aid only and is subject to limitations. It is the driver's responsibility to make sure that the headlights are appropriately adjusted for weather conditions and driving circumstances.


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