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Tesla Model Y: Installing Front License Plate Bracket

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To accommodate jurisdictions that require a license plate on the front of your vehicle, Model Y is equipped with a license plate bracket. This bracket conforms to the shape of your vehicle's front bumper and is adhered to it using strong adhesive.

NOTE: Tesla recommends performing this procedure on a clean, dry vehicle during a warm day. Cold and/or wet conditions may result in reduced performance of the adhesive.

To install the front license plate bracket:

1. Get isopropyl alcohol and test it on a non-visible painted surface of your vehicle to confirm that it does not damage or remove the paint.

2. Clean the mounting site with isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry for at least one minute.

3. Fully remove the protective tape from the adhesive at the top of the bracket and partially remove the tape from the top of the adhesive on each side. Leave the bottom half of the tape on the sides in place and fold the unattached tape outward for easy removal after aligning the bracket to the bumper.

Installing Front License Plate Bracket

4. While tilting the top of the license plate bracket away from the bumper (to prevent adhering it to the wrong location), align the bottom center of the license plate bracket with the middle of the grille as shown.

Installing Front License Plate Bracket

NOTE: Be as precise as possible when aligning the bracket because you will be unable to reposition it once adhered to the bumper.

5. While correctly aligned, move the top of the bracket against the bumper and apply pressure so that it is held in place by the adhesive.

Installing Front License Plate Bracket

6. Remove the remaining tape from the sides of the bracket then press the entire bracket firmly against the bumper, ensuring the bracket is held in place by all adhesive areas.

7. Once the bracket is securely mounted, use the four supplied screws to attach your license plate to the bracket (tighten to 3 Nm/2.2 ft-lbs).

Installing Front License Plate Bracket



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