Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Map Display

Touch these icons to customize what the map displays:

Display/hide satellite imagery (if equipped with premium connectivity).

  Display/hide traffic conditions (if equipped with premium connectivity). Green lines indicate no traffic; orange lines indicate light traffic; red lines indicate moderate traffic; and pink lines indicate heavy traffic. To ensure traffic is easy to identify along a navigation route, green traffic lines display under the blue route line, whereas orange, red, and pink traffic lines display on top of the blue route line.

Display/hide map details (such as points of interest).

Drop a pin anywhere on the map by pressing and holding your finger on a desired location. When you drop a pin, or touch an existing pin, the chosen location is centered on the map, and a popup screen provides information about the location. From this popup, you can navigate to the location, call the location (if a phone number is available) and add or remove the location from your list of favorite destinations (see Home, Work, and Favorite Destinations).

Display/hide all charging locations and a popup list that includes the city and proximity of the corresponding stations on the map. Charging locations include Tesla Superchargers, destination charging sites, third-party fast chargers, and public chargers that you have used previously. See Charging Locations.

Touch the lightning bolt icons in the popup list to filter by the types of chargers based on max power.

NOTE: In some market regions, third-party fast chargers are also included on the map as dark gray pins when you display chargers.


     Navigation Settings

    The navigation settings icon displays when you touch ... once you start navigating to a destination. NOTE: You can also access navigation settings by touching Controls > Navigation. Touch th

     Navigating to a Destination

    To navigate to a location, touch the search bar in the corner of the map and enter a destination, send the destination from your phone, or speak a voice command (see Voice Commands). You can enter

     Adding Stops to a Route

    After you have entered a destination, you can edit your route by adding, deleting or reordering stops. Touch the three dots at the bottom of the turn-by-turn direction list to view options to edit


     Traction Control

    How It Works The traction control system constantly monitors the speed of the front and rear wheels. If Model Y experiences a loss of traction, the system minimizes wheel spin by controlling brake pressure and motor power. By default, the traction control system is on. Under normal conditions,

     Programming HomeLink

    To program HomeLink: 1. Park Model Y so that the front bumper is in front of the device you want to program. CAUTION: Your device might open or close during programming. Therefore, before programming, make sure that the device is clear of any people or objects. 2. Check that the device's remote co

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