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Tesla Model Y: Standby, Alert, and Alarm States

While in Sentry Mode, Model Y may shift through three states as a response to its surroundings-Standby, Alert, and Alarm:

  • Standby. Model Y is automatically "on standby" when you activate Sentry Mode. The cameras constantly monitor the surrounding area for possible security threats.
  • Alert. If Sentry Mode detects a possible threat, such as someone very close to, or leaning on, Model Y, Sentry Mode switches to the Alert state, where:
    • Headlights briefly flicker.
    • The touchscreen displays a message indicating that cameras are recording.
    • Sentry Mode saves the most recent 10 minutes of footage prior to the triggered event to the USB flash drive (if available and installed).
  • Alarm. For major threats, Sentry Mode:
    • Activates the security alarm and the audio system generates a loud and unexpected sound.
    • Sends an alert to the mobile app on phones that are paired to Model Y to inform you that the alarm state is triggered.
    • Saves the most recent 10 minutes of footage prior to the triggered event to the USB flash drive (if available and installed).
    • Returns to the Standby state after 30 seconds.
    • For vehicles manufactured after approximately April 2018: Saves up to two minutes of footage to the vehicle's internal storage for safekeeping which can be manually saved to a USB flash drive (if available and installed) using the Dashcam viewer.

To silence the security alarm and audio system when the Alarm state is triggered, navigate to Controls > Safety > Disable Sentry Sounds. When enabled, the Alarm state still sends a notification through the mobile app and saves the last 10 minutes footage.

CAUTION: Sentry Mode may not activate the security alarm in all situations involving damage to the vehicle. Sentry Mode uses many factors to determine whether to activate the security alarm-all impacts may not be detected and the alarm may not activate in all situations.

NOTE: When the internal storage reaches full capacity, new recordings from Alert and Alarm events overwrite the older recordings.


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