Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Wheels/Tires Specifications

Wheel Specifications (Factory)

Wheel Specifications (Factory)

NOTE: For instructions on how to jack/lift Model Y, see Jacking and Lifting.

Tire Specifications (Factory)

Tire Specifications (Factory)

Tire pressures vary depending on the type of tires fitted. Refer to the tire pressures printed on the Tire and Loading Information label. This label is located on the center door pillar and is visible when the driver's door is open (see Maintaining Tire Pressures).

Winter tires can be purchased from a Tesla service center or may be available for purchase on the Tesla web site.


     Understanding Tire Markings

    Laws require tire manufacturers to place standardized information on the sidewall of all tires. This information identifies and describes the fundamental characteristics of the tire. It also provid

     Uniform Tire Quality Grading

    The following information relates to the tire grading system developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which grades tires by tread wear, traction and temperature perf

     Roadside Assistance


     Map Overview

    The touchscreen displays a map at all times (except when Model Y is shifted into Reverse). Use your finger(s) to interact with the map: To move the map in any direction, hold and drag a finger. To rotate the map in any direction, hold and turn two fingers. To zoom the map in or out, expand

     Valet Mode

    When Model Y is in Valet mode, the following restrictions apply: Speed is limited to 70 mph (113 km/h). Maximum acceleration and power are limited. Front trunk and glovebox are locked. Home and Work locations are not available in the navigation system. Voice commands are disabled. Autopilo

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