Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Wipers and Washers


To perform a single wipe with the windshield wipers, press and immediately release the button on the end of the turn signal stalk. You can access the wiper settings from the main Controls screen to adjust the speed of the wipers:

  •  I - Intermittent, slow.
  •  II - Intermittent, fast.
  •  III - Continuous, slow.
  •  IIII - Continuous, fast.

Auto: Model Y detects whether or not it is raining. When wipers are set to Auto and liquid is detected on the windshield, Model Y determines the optimal frequency at which they should wipe. If Model Y does not detect liquid on the windshield, the wipers do not wipe.

For one-touch access to the wipers, you can add the wiper control to My Apps.

NOTE: You can also adjust the windshield wiper speed and frequency using voice commands.

NOTE: Autopilot requires wipers to be set to AUTO for vehicles manufactured after approximately April 27, 2021. This setting is automatic and you cannot change it.

CAUTION: Ensure the wipers are off before washing Model Y to avoid the risk of damaging the wipers.

Periodically check and clean the edge of the wiper blades. If a blade is damaged, replace it immediately. For details on checking and replacing wiper blades.

CAUTION: To avoid damaging the hood, ensure that the hood is fully closed before using the windshield wipers.

CAUTION: In harsh climates, ensure that the wiper blades are not frozen or adhered to the windshield. Remove ice from the windshield before using the wipers. Ice has sharp edges that can damage the rubber on the blades.

Windshield Washers

Fully press and hold the button on the end of the turn signal stalk to spray washer fluid onto the windshield. While spraying the windshield, the wipers turn on. After releasing the button, the wipers perform two additional wipes then, depending on vehicle and environmental conditions, a third wipe a few seconds later.

Windshield Washers

Periodically top up washer fluid.


     Braking and Stopping

     Braking Systems

    WARNING: Properly functioning braking systems are critical to ensure safety. If you experience a problem with the brake pedal, brake calipers, or any component of a Model Y braking system, contact

     Emergency Braking

    In an emergency, fully press the brake pedal and maintain firm pressure, even on low traction surfaces. The ABS varies the braking pressure to each wheel according to the amount of traction availab


     Removing Ice From Door Handle

    In severe winter conditions, ice buildup within the door handle can prevent the door handle from opening. The process for freeing a Model Y door handle is slightly different than other door handles; you can usually remove the ice with a few forceful bumps to the door handle using the bottom of yo

     Key Card

    Tesla provides you with two Model Y key cards, designed to fit in your wallet. To use a key card to unlock or lock Model Y, position the card as shown and tap it against the card reader located approximately one third the way up of the driver's side door pillar. When Model Y detects the key card

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