Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Folding Third Row Seat Backs (7-seater only)

To fold a third row seat, first ensure that the head support is fully down as shown (see Head Supports). Then press the button located in the top corner of the seat back and fold the backrest downward.

Folding Third Row Seat Backs (7-seater only)

NOTE: To return the seat backs to the upright position, pull the seat back upward until it latches into place. Try pulling the backrest forward to confirm that it is securely latched in the upright position.

NOTE: Before folding the seat backs, remove any items from the seats and the footwell. To allow the backrests to fold completely flat, you may need to move the second row seats forward.

NOTE: Driving with the third row backrests folded forward may result in increased perceivable noise and/or vibration coming from the rear of the vehicle (trunk, suspension, etc.).

WARNING: Always ensure the seat backrests are locked in their upright position before travel. Failure to do so increases the risk of injury.


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     Camera Location

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    The following collision avoidance features are designed to increase the safety of you and your passengers: Forward Collision Warning - provides visual and audible warnings in situations when Model Y detects that there is a high risk of a frontal collision (see Forward Collision Warning). A

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