Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Vehicle Certification Label

The Vehicle Certification label provides:

  • GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The maximum allowable total mass of Model Y. This is calculated as the weight of Model Y equipped with the heaviest factory selectable options, all passengers, fluids, and cargo.
  • GAWR FRT and GAWR RR - Gross Axle Weight Rating for the front and rear axles. The GAWR is the maximum distributed weight that each axle can support.

United States:

Vehicle Certification Label


Vehicle Certification Label


Vehicle Certification Label

CAUTION: To prevent damage, never load Model Y so that it is heavier than GVWR or exceeds the individual GAWR weights.

Roof Racks

Model Y supports the use of Tesla-approved roof racks using a Tesla mounting accessory. To install roof racks, you must use this accessory and you must use only roof rack systems that have been approved by Tesla. Failure to do so can cause significant damage.


     Calculating Load Limits

    1. Locate the statement "The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed XXX lbs or XXX kg" on the "Tire and Loading Information" label. 2. Determine the combined weight of all occup


    Exterior Dimensions *Values are approximate. Dimensions can vary depending on a vehicle's options and various other factors. CAUTION: Depending on configuration (such as wheel selection), your v

     Wheels and Tires


     Opening Doors from the Interior

    Model Y doors are electrically powered. To open a door while sitting inside, press the button located at the top of the interior door handle and push the door open. NOTE: To prevent children from opening the rear doors, turn on child locks. To open a front door in the unlikely situation when Mod

     Adjusting Second Row Seat Backs

    Model Y provides seating for up to three passengers in the second row. The seat back is split 60/40 so adjusting the left seat back moves the seat backs for both the left and center seating positions, whereas adjusting the right seat back moves only the rightmost seat back. For vehicles with 5 se

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