Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: About the Security System

If Model Y does not detect a key nearby and a locked door or trunk is opened, an alarm sounds. The headlights and turn signals also flash. To deactivate the alarm, press any button on the key fob.

To manually enable or disable the alarm system, touch Controls > Safety > Security Alarm. When enabled, Model Y activates its alarm one minute after you exit, the doors lock, and a recognized key is no longer detected.

A battery-backed siren (if equipped) sounds in situations where a locked door or trunk is opened and Model Y does not detect a key nearby. If you also want this siren to sound in situations where the vehicle detects motion inside the cabin, enable Tilt/Intrusion (see Tilt/Intrusion (if equipped) ).

NOTE: If Model Y is in Sentry Mode (see Using Sentry Mode), you must disable Sentry Mode before you can disable the Security alarm or the Tilt/ Intrusion alarm.

Tilt/Intrusion (if equipped)

The Security Alarm must be on to enable Tilt/Intrusion.

Tilt/Intrusion sounds the alarm in your vehicle if Model Y detects motion inside the cabin, or is moved or tilted (for example, with a tow truck or jack). To enable, touch Controls > Safety > Tilt/Intrusion.

The intrusion sensor automatically disables in situations where the climate control system is operating when you leave your vehicle. To override, you can manually turn the Tilt/Intrusion Sensor on again after choosing Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp Mode.

NOTE: If you plan to leave something that moves inside your locked vehicle, remember to turn off Tilt/Intrusion. If this setting is on, any motion detected inside Model Y activates the intrusion alarm.


     PIN to Drive

    To increase security, you can prevent Model Y from being driven until a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) is entered. To enable this setting, touch Controls > Safety > PIN to Drive

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     Dashcam and Sentry Mode

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