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Tesla Model Y: Adjust the Following Distance

To adjust the following distance you want to maintain between Model Y and a vehicle traveling ahead of you, touch Controls > Autopilot > Cruise Follow Distance and choose a setting from 1 (the closest following distance) to 7 (the longest following distance). Each setting corresponds to a time-based distance that represents how long it takes for Model Y, from its current location, to reach the location of the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead of you.

Adjust the Following Distance

As you adjust the following distance, the touchscreen displays the current setting.

Adjust the Following Distance

NOTE: Your setting is retained until you manually change it.

NOTE: The closest following distance(s) may be unavailable for vehicles manufactured after approximately April 27, 2021.

WARNING: It is the driver's responsibility to determine and maintain a safe following distance at all times. Do not rely on Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to maintain an accurate or appropriate following distance.

WARNING: Never depend on Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to adequately slow down Model Y to avoid a collision. Always watch the road in front of you and stay prepared to take immediate corrective action.


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