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Tesla Model Y: Electric Vehicle Components

Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Charging / Electric Vehicle Components


 High Voltage Components

High Voltage Cabling Heat Pump Assembly Front Motor (Dual Motor vehicles only) High Voltage Battery High Voltage Cabling Service Access Panel for High Voltage Components (Penthouse) Rear Mot

 Charging Equipment

Charging equipment designed specifically to charge your Model Y is available from Tesla. A Tesla Wall Connector, which installs in your parking space, is the fastest way to charge Model Y for daily

 High Voltage Battery Information


 Attaching Upper Tether Straps

If an upper tether strap is provided, attach its hook to the anchor point located on the back of the second and third row (if equipped) seats. NOTE: The location of anchor points may not be readily visible but can be found by identifying a slice in the seat's material. WARNING: Tighten upper tet

 Canceling and Resuming

To manually cancel Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, press the brake pedal or briefly move the drive stalk up once. The cruising speed icon on the touchscreen turns gray to indicate that Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is no longer active. WARNING: Do not hold the drive stalk up for more than one second.

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