Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Operating Auto Lane Change

Auto Lane Change is available whenever Autosteer is active. To change lanes using Auto Lane Change:

1. Perform visual checks to make sure it is safe and appropriate to move into the target lane.

2. Engage the appropriate turn signal, keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

3. If needed, cancel the turn signal once you are in the target lane.

NOTE: The minimum speed at which Auto Lane Change operates may vary depending on region, adjacent lane speeds, and other factors. Always be ready to manually steer and change lanes as necessary.

Auto Lane Change moves Model Y into the adjacent lane in the direction indicated by the turn signal, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The turn signal is engaged.
  • Model Y does not detect a vehicle in its blind spot, or a vehicle or obstacle up to the center of the target lane.
  • Lane markings indicate that a lane change is permitted.
  • Midway through the lane change, Model Y must detect the target lane's outside lane marking. If this lane marking is not detected, the lane change is aborted and Model Y returns to its original driving lane.
  • The view of the camera(s) is not obstructed.

When an automatic lane change is in progress, Overtake Acceleration is activated, allowing Model Y to accelerate closer to a vehicle in front (see Overtake Acceleration).

NOTE: Auto Lane Change moves Model Y one lane at a time. Moving into an additional lane requires you to engage the turn signal a second time after the first lane change is complete.

When using Auto Lane Change, it is important to monitor its performance by watching the driving path in front of you and the surrounding area. Stay prepared to take over steering at any time. As you are crossing over into the adjacent lane, the instrument panel displays the location in the lane that Model Y is moving into.

In situations where Auto Lane Change is unable to operate at optimal performance, or cannot operate due to inadequate data, the instrument panel displays a series of warnings. Therefore, when using Auto Lane Change, always pay attention to the instrument panel and be prepared to manually steer Model Y.


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