Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Electrical Connections

Regulations require all trailers to be equipped with tail lights, brake lights, side marker lights, and turn signals. To provide power for trailer lighting, a built-in 7-pin wiring connector is provided near the hitch support's wiring plugs for most types of trailers. Plugging in trailer wiring into the Model Y electrical connector automatically engages Trailer Mode.

Electrical Connections

  1. Reverse Lights
  2. Brake Controller Output
  3. Right Turn Signal and Brake Light
  4. Low Voltage Power (if equipped)
  5. Ground
  6. Left Turn Signal and Brake Light
  7. Tail Lamps

NOTE: It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all electrical connections are working, and all trailer lights are operating before and during towing. Model Y does not detect faulty trailer lights. You must perform manual checks.

NOTE: Loss of trailer lights when towing may be the result of a fault in the trailer wiring or excessive power consumption by the lights connected to the trailer output(s). When this occurs, a red Trailer Mode icon appears on the touchscreen. Fix any issues with the wiring and/or reduce the number of lights connected to the trailer output(s), then toggle Trailer Mode off and on again.

WARNING: Use only the electrical connection designed by Tesla. Do not attempt to directly splice or attempt to connect trailer electrical wiring using any other method. Doing so can damage the vehicle electrical system and cause malfunctions.

CAUTION: Always ensure that the trailer electrical cable does not contact or drag on the ground and there is enough slack in the cable to allow for turns.

Impact on Range

Towing a trailer and carrying accessories increases vehicle weight and drag. As a result, driving range can decrease significantly. Although Trip Planner attempts to adjust estimates based on Trailer Mode, actual energy consumption may vary. Plan trip length and charging destinations accordingly.


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