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Tesla Model Y: Operating Autosteer

Before you can operate Autosteer, you must enable it by touching Controls > Autopilot > Autosteer (Beta).

To indicate that Autosteer is available (but not actively steering Model Y), the top corner of the touchscreen displays a gray Autosteer icon next to the driving gear.

To initiate Autosteer, press the right scroll wheel.

To initiate Autosteer, move the drive stalk fully down twice in quick succession.

Operating Autosteer

To indicate that Autosteer is now actively steering Model Y, the instrument panel displays the Autosteer icon in blue. When Autosteer is able to detect lane markings, it also displays the driving lane in blue.

Autosteer briefly displays a message on the instrument panel reminding you to pay attention to the road and be ready to take over at any time.

The speed at which you can initiate Autosteer can vary depending on various conditions and whether or not a vehicle is detected ahead of you. When no vehicle is detected ahead of you, you must be driving at least 18 mph (30 km/h), unless certain vehicle and environmental conditions are met, in which case, you may be able to initiate it at lower speeds. When a vehicle is detected ahead of you, you can initiate Autosteer at any speed, even when stationary, provided Model Y is at least 5 feet (150 cm) behind the detected vehicle.

NOTE: The maximum cruising speed is 90 mph (150 km/h). It is the driver's responsibility to cruise at a safe speed based on road conditions and speed limits.

NOTE: Auto High Beam is automatically enabled when Autosteer is engaged and the maximum cruising speed may be limited to a lower speed for vehicles manufactured after approximately April 27, 2021.

CAUTION: If available in your market region, Model Y detects lights from an emergency vehicle when using Autosteer at night on a high speed road, the driving speed is automatically reduced and the instrument panel displays a message informing you of the slowdown. You will also hear a chime and see a reminder to keep your hands on the steering wheel. When the light detections pass by or cease to appear, Autopilot resumes your cruising speed. Alternatively, you may tap the accelerator to resume your cruising speed.

WARNING: Never depend on Autopilot features to determine the presence of emergency vehicles. Model Y may not detect lights from emergency vehicles in all situations. Keep your eyes on your driving path and always be prepared to take immediate action.

In situations where Autosteer is temporarily unavailable, the Autosteer icon disappears. For example, your driving speed is not within the speed required for Autosteer to operate. Autosteer may also be unavailable if it is not receiving adequate data from the camera(s).

If unable to detect lane markings, Autosteer may determine the driving lane based on a vehicle you are following.

In most cases, Autosteer attempts to center Model Y in the driving lane. However, there may be situations in which Autosteer may steer Model Y in a driving path that is off set from the center of the lane (for example, detection of guard rails).

WARNING: Autosteer is not designed to, and will not, steer Model Y around objects partially in a driving lane and in some cases, may not stop for objects that are completely blocking the driving lane. Always watch the road in front of you and stay prepared to take immediate action. It is the driver's responsibility to be in control of Model Y at all times.


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