Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Parking with a Trailer

Whenever possible, avoid parking on a grade. However, if parking on a grade is absolutely necessary, place wheel chocks under the trailer wheels. Consider having someone help you with these steps:

  • One person presses and holds the brake pedal.
  • A second person places the wheel chocks under the wheels on the downgrade side of the vehicle's tires.
  • When the chocks are in place, release the brake pedal and ensure the chocks hold the weight of the vehicle and trailer.

NOTE: When testing chocks, ensure that Vehicle Hold (see Vehicle Hold) is not engaged. If Vehicle Hold is braking Model Y, the Vehicle Hold indicator light displays on the instrument panel. To disengage Vehicle Hold, press and release the brake pedal.

  • Place the vehicle in Park.

WARNING: If parking on a grade is necessary, always ensure that all trailer wheels have been securely chocked. Failure to do so can result in serious damage, injury, or death.

Trailer Sway Mitigation

When trailer sway is detected, the Model Y electronic stability control system attempts to apply the appropriate amount of braking to minimize trailer sway. The instrument panel briefly displays the traction control system indicator. Pressing the brake pedal when the system is actively braking to mitigate trailer sway does not cancel this automatic braking.


     Attaching and Removing the Ball Mount

    The Model Y towing package does not include a ball mount. You must purchase a ball mount suitable for the type of trailer you are towing. The Model Y hitch receiver supports a ball mount with a leng

     Electrical Connections

    Regulations require all trailers to be equipped with tail lights, brake lights, side marker lights, and turn signals. To provide power for trailer lighting, a built-in 7-pin wiring connector is prov

     Cold Weather Best Practices


     Before Using Summon

    Before operating Summon, use the touchscreen to enable it and customize how you want it to work. Touch Controls > Autopilot > Customize Summon and adjust the following settings to suit your preferences: Bumper Clearance: Set the distance that you want Summon to stop from a detected obje

     Stop Signs and Road Markings

    When driving with Autosteer or Traffic-aware Cruise Control engaged, and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control enabled, Model Y is designed to respond as follows when approaching intersections controlled by stop signs, stop lines, or road markings: No Traffic Control Arm of T-junction   M

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