Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y: Trailer Brakes

When towing a loaded trailer that weighs more than 1650 lbs (750 kg), Tesla recommends that the trailer be equipped with its own brake system adequate for the weight of the trailer. Ensure compliance with local regulations. A brake controller must be purchased separately, and the required 4-pin pigtail connector can be ordered from Tesla Service.

Follow these steps to connect a brake controller:

1. Connect the wiring on the brake controller to the appropriate locations on the 4-pin pigtail connector.

Trailer Brakes

2. Remove the cover located under the dashboard in the driver's side footwell.

Trailer Brakes

3. Peel back the carpet to expose the vehicle's 4-pin connector on the wiring harness.

Trailer Brakes

4. Connect the pigtail connector to the vehicle wiring connector.

WARNING: Towing increases your stopping distance, even when the trailer is equipped with its own braking system. When towing, increase your following distance and avoid situations that could potentially cause heavy braking. Failure to do so can result in a collision.

WARNING: Observe all regulations and legal requirements in your regional and national jurisdictions that apply specifically to trailer towing and brake requirements. Many regions require a breakaway switch, located on the tongue of the trailer, to activate the trailer brakes in the event that the trailer separates from the vehicle. Failure to comply with regulations can compromise your safety.

WARNING: Follow the instructions provided by the trailer brake manufacturer to ensure that trailer brakes are properly installed, adjusted, and maintained. Tesla is not responsible for damages caused by incorrect installation of trailer braking systems.


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