Tesla Model Y Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model Y (2020-2024) Owner's Manual

Tesla Model Y (2020-2024) Owner's Manual

The Tesla Model Y owner's manual is a comprehensive guide that provides detailed information about the features, functions, and operation of the vehicle. It is designed to help owners understand how to use and maintain their Model Y and includes instructions on everything from basic controls to more advanced features like Autopilot.



 Exterior/Interior Overview

Exterior Overview Exterior lights Autopilot camera Front door handle Key card sensor, Autopilot camera Rear door handle Charge port Autopilot cameras Exterior mirrors Radar sensor, if equip

 Touchscreen Overview

WARNING: Always pay attention to road and traffic conditions when driving. To minimize driver distraction and ensure the safety of vehicle occupants as well as other road users, avoid using the touc


 Examples of Correct and Incorrect Seating Positions

Correct seating position: Incorrect seating position - the passenger's feet must be on the floor: Incorrect seating position - the passenger must not slide forward on the seat cushion: Incorrect seating position - the passenger must not recline the backrest to a laying down position when th

 Cleaning the Exterior

To prevent damage to the paint, immediately remove corrosive substances (bird droppings, tree resin, dead insects, tar spots, road salt, industrial fallout, etc.). Do not wait until Model Y is due for a complete wash. If necessary, use denatured alcohol to remove tar spots and stubborn grease s

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